“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

-Maya Angelou

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Crazy Life: Part 1-All I want for Christmas is some Vicodin

I wanted to update my blog earlier but it takes me FOREVER to type. So here's my Christmas Story. Insert my picture here...
We decided to change things up this year and spend Christmas with my best friend Emily and her husband Jeremiah in Avon, CO. We also did the unthinkable and brought crazy Harley dog along for the ride. We skied on the 23rd and decided to snowmobile Christmas Eve. Well, things did not go as planned.

We rode about an hour down the mountain and then stopped for hot chocolate with our tour guide and group. As we were taking off, my snowmobile slid on ice and took me over the snow embankment and crashed into a snow plow (see pic below). I knew I hurt myself badly but I had so many layers on I didn't realize how bad it was. Because Piney River Lake is naturally protected, I was not able to be airlifted out so my amazing snowmobile guide, Gregg, wrapped me up, gave me oxygen shots, and stuck me on the back of his snowmobile. Worst part...holding my arm in place for 40 minutes on the bumpy ride back up the mountain.

Let's just say I DO NOT handle injuries or stress well so I was a hot mess at the hospital. The doctor's verdict: a compound fracture in my arm and 5 stitches in my knee. My ulna broke out of my arm, and my radius broke up and jammed up into my elbow dislocating that. Not cool and not the way I planned on spending my Christmas but I thank my God that I am alive. I guess I really shouldn't complain. I immediately went in to surgery and had a plate and 10 screws put into my arm.

Fast forward to 2 1/2 weeks later. I am doing lots of physical therapy and trying to get movement back in my arm. My PT goal is to be able to touch my nose with my thumb by Monday. Sounds ridiculous, right? It is so frustrating to not be able to fix my hair, put on eye liner, not cook (that is killing me), and so many other things I just never really thought about. Austin has been so amazing and fixed my hair everyday for school. Don't tell him I told you! My mom bought me a TON of sweater vest since my arm won't really fit into much. HAHA! So cool. She's really been a lifesaver to have so close. My students have been so sweet to help pass out papers and let me relax when I need to. I get the cast off in 4 more weeks but PT will probably be for a few more months. This has not been fun but it has been a very unique growing experience for me. I guess everyone has to go to the hospital at least once in their life. :)

And we're off!
Just made spinach lasagna, wedge salad, and oatmeal cookies for dinner. YUM! Relaxing w/ our pups.
Our first, and only, day of skiing/snowboarding.
Emily and I have been dressing alike since we've known each other, over 25 years! We would always buy matching clothes, be a pair for Halloween, or do Twin Day together at school. We just happened to get ready for bed and had the EXACT same outfit on. Too funny! BF's think alike.
Starting our snowmobile "adventure"
Still have two good arms

Merry Christmas from the Tengs
This picture is hard to look at. Austin happened to take this picture about 10 minutes before my accident. I flew into the left side of the snow claw.
About to take off to go back up the mountain.
Right after surgery.
Christmas day with the boys. They took such good care of me.

On our way home. Harley insisted on riding in the front. Oh Harley!
Went out for New Year's with my favorite "brothers and sisters" and Cami-bell to Royal China.
Queen, Courtney, and Campbell came over to help me get dressed. I had to get my hair did!

Let me explain. I can't really cook dinner. I can't grip much so I asked Austin to cut onions. I left the room and when I came back, he was wearing ridiculous Oakley sunglasses, crying because the onion was so strong. HA! He doesn't get in the kitchen much :)

My first week back. T-shirt day (gotta represent), Tie Up TAKS bow day (Austin did the bow and ponytail all by himself), and my new robo-cast I got that day.

Be on the look out for My Crazy Life: Part 2. It is a doozy! I really need my own reality TV show.

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